Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Board of Director

The 8th-Term of Board of Directors of Shin Kong Financial Holdings has been elected in the Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 9th 2023. For detail information and independence statement of the board members, please see the table and the document described below.

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Name of Director Diversity Items
Basic Financial Experience Expertise
Nation Gender Part-time
of the
Age Total
Insurance Bank Securities Asset Management Accounting Law IT Risk Management Financial Management/Actuary
31-50 51-70 >71 <3
Hwai-Chou Chen Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male   
Tung-Ming Wu Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Olivia Wu Taiwan(R.O.C.) Female
Shih-Chi Hung Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Hui-Min Lai Taiwan(R.O.C.) Female
Hsin-Chang Wu Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Benson Wu Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Tun-Jen Lin Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Tseng-Chang Lee Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Mark Wei Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Shih-Mei Lin Taiwan(R.O.C.) Female
Chun-Hong Chen Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Yung-Ming Shiu Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Edgar Y. Chen Taiwan(R.O.C.) Male
Min-Chiu Chien Taiwan(R.O.C.) Female

Board Diversity Policy

SKFH formulated Board Diversity Policy in the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principle. The Company shall diversify the composition of its Board of Directors. The Directors concurrently serving as the Company’s managers shall not exceed one-third of the number of the Board, and shall comply with the provisions of Article 25 on concurrent positions, and shall develop guidelines on diversity based on the operations, nature of business activities and development needs of the Company, including but not limited to the following two aspects: I. Basic conditions and values: Gender, age, race, nationality, and culture, etc.