Human Capital Training and Development

Human Capital Training and Development


Career Development

SKFH regards employees as its important assets, and invests a substantial amount of education and training resources every year to strengthen the professional skills of employees and improve the Company's overall competitiveness. We provide five major principles for training: "improvement of trainings for new employees", "improvement of professional functions", "cultivation of digital talents", "encourage self-directed learning and innovation", and "learning of successful experience", and design related training programs, with the training contents closely associated with the medium- and long-term strategic goals for business management, with a view to improve corporate management efficiency.

To help employees to make preparation for the next step at their work, SKFH not only enhances employee’s functions through training programs, but also has a complete internal rotation mechanism, allowing employees to have the opportunity to try the businesses in different fields so as to become more comprehensive talents. We also attach importance to the succession of management, create a leadership team for succession, select and cultivate main business executives through scientific management tools, so as to achieve the sustainable development of talent pool.


Training Investment and Effectiveness

In addition to providing all employees with legally required courses such as compliance with laws and regulations, as well as prevention of sexual harassment and money laundering, SKFH also invests a lot of resources in other training programs and provides optional courses for its staff of all ages, genders and levels. The courses link the mission, vision and operating strategies of the company to ensure that the training programs not only improve the functions of employees, but also bring benefits to the company's operating. We use Kirkpatrick Model (hereinafter referred to as “Kirkpatrick”) and Human Capital ROI to regularly track and evaluate the effectiveness of various talent training and development programs, and link training tracking indicators with business performance to measure the effectiveness of training plans and to adjust and plan for the company's overall medium- and long-term talent asset development plans. The overall human capital ROI for SKFH and its subsidiaries is 5.77 in 2022.


Employee Training Hours and Cost in 2022

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Category Type of Training Age Rank Gender Average
Compulsory Optional < 30 30-50 > 50 Entry-level Mid-level Senior-level General Employees Male Female
Average training hours 43.56 30.86


77.59 59.29 73.52 71.93 78.65 73.83 77.69 72.87 74.42
Average training cost 3,018 3,905


7,991 5,962 13,558 14,325 12,691 5,617 7,833 6,490 6,923
  • Note 1: Note 1: The training hours specified in this table include internal training, external training, verseas training, online courses, and education and training for new recruits.
  • Note 2: Internal training is organized by the Human Resources Department; external training is conducted by external institutions (for both office and sales personnel); overseas training is training sponsored by the Company (for both office and sales personnel).


Human Capital ROI of the Past Four Years

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2019 2020 2021 2022
Human Capital ROI 17.01 15.33 11.35 5.77
  • Note: Human Capital ROI = {Return - [Operating expense - (Salary cost + Benefits cost)]} / (salary cost + benefits cost)


Benefits of Major Training Programs in 2022

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Name of the Program Overview of Program Business benefits Applicable Objects Benefits of Training (Kirkpatrick L1~L5)
E-Agent Project Building on the Agent+ projects from 2015 to 2019, SKL has been expanding its digital platforms and resources since 2020. In 2022, the Company launched the six fundamental skills for e-agent to enhance the effectiveness of precise marketing on the business end and to improve the digital accessibility of customer services, while gradually achieving the mission to reduce paper usage and carbon emissions for ESG purposes.
  • Integrating data analysis to facilitate precise marketing:
    • Business opportunity systems have been integrated and a customer dashboard was added to the E-secretary app frequently used by sales agents. Agents can use the filtering mechanism on the customer dashboard to identify suitable business targets and recommend appropriate insurance products. This allows daily visits to be converted into successful transactions, thus achieving the business performance goals through precise marketing.
    • The authority for managing the Power BI platform has been extended to district managers, allowing the front-line business supervisors to track and view the business activities of their subordinate group leaders through Power BI. This enables them to monitor the use of customer dashboards by leaders to execute initiatives such as customer activation, backflow of maturity benefit, as well as management of the quarterly customer lists. According to data statistics, the sales agents who frequently use customer dashboards and the business managers who habitually use Power BI as a management tool have significantly improved their performance.
  • Integrating digital services to provide convenience for customer operations:
    • The OCR Polaroid Smart Policy Health Check service was launched on July 6, 2022.
    • The Marketing Quick Access Station has consolidated various resources such as supplementary marketing content, product introductions, insurance knowledge, current news, and recruitment propaganda. This convenient one-stop platform enables sales representatives to access and share information easily, leading to more effective customer management and closer relationships.
All insurance sales personnel
  • L5 compensation assessment: ROI 5.91
  • L4 result assessment: The number of policy plans generated by the OCR Polaroid Smart Policy Health Check reached 703,866, serving a total of 459,650 customers.
  • L3 behavior assessment:
    1. The number of policy plans filed by the OCR Polaroid Smart Policy Health Check reached 42,416, with a utilization rate of 92% among the sales agents;
    2. In 2022, the share of e-agents reached 56.1%, with a growth of 7.3% compared to the previous year.
  • L2 learning assessment: Starting from the first half of 2022, physical courses had been fully implemented, and in the second half of the year, online trainings were promoted. The completion rate was 100%, and in January 2023, a nationwide proficiency test will be held. 
  • L1 response assessment: Satisfaction score of 4.89 (out of 5)
Corporate Finance Business Training Program In 2022, the main focus of the corporate Finance training program is "professionalism", "marketing" and " inheritance ".
Corporate finance sales personnel can understand
equity inheritance, tax planning, overseas capital
utilization and commercial law through professional
courses. In addition, outstanding sales executives are
selected, instructor training and certification are
arranged, new customer development skills and
customer management are strengthened through
marketing courses, and conflict handling and drills are
conducted through case studies. An "action plan" is
arranged after the class to list out the business
achievement goals, the key sales actions, and the countermeasures for performance gaps in order to track the results effectively. The overall plan is to share
organizational experience and enhance the competitiveness of employees in the workplace.
  • Develop a new driving force and continuously improve the productivity of the corporate finance sales personnel.
  • Increase the loan market share and maintain a strong compound growth rate.
  • Improve the functional competitiveness of sales supervisors, maintain the retention rate of supervisors who perform with excellence in order to reserve them as future branch supervisors.
  • Integrate the professional and marketing skills of the corporate finance sector to help improve the cross-disciplinary professionalism, sales communication, negotiation and transaction , risk control and customer relationship management capabilities of the corporate finance sales personnel, and contribute to the organization's revenue.
All corporate finance sales personnel
  • L5 Compensation assessment: ROI 15.52
  • L4 Result assessment: 
    1. Total revenue of branches increase  NT$922,054,132 compared with the previous year.
    2. Income per capita increased by NT$ 4,472,421, which is an increase of 22.43% over the previous year.
    3. The hand receipt income increased by NT$ 27,684,694, and the per capita hand receipt increased by 7.78% compared with 2021.
    4. The retention rate of corporate finance supervisors is 100%.
    5. The retention rate of sales personnel in the corporate finance sector is 84%. 
  • L3 Behavior assessment:
    1. The implementation rate of post-course action was 100%.
    2. Certification achievement rate  of instructor was 100%.
  • Level 2 Learning assessment: The achievement rate of annual training programs was 100%. 
  • Level1 response assessment: Course satisfaction 4.7 (out of 5). 
MLS - Financial Consultants Recruitment and Training Project To break through the current situation of cross-industry competition and face the challenges of brokerage business, MasterLink Securities regularly holds the "MasterLink Securities Financial Consultants Recruitment and Training  Project" to master wealth management and the trend of diverse financial products. The project provides comprehensive training to equip financial consultants with professional attitudes and complete product knowledge in financial securities. The aim is to supplement high-quality business teams, rejuvenate the organization, and enhance brokerage capabilities.  Quickly shaping the ambition and aggressiveness of the brokerage team, with the goal of improving overall performance of brokerage and financial products such as wealth management. This recruitment and training project aims to calibrate the development and strategies of the brokerage department, and to grasp the opportunities of the securities market transactions in real-time. Newly recruited financial consultants at MLS
  • L5 Compensation Assessment: ROI 3.64
  • L4 Result assessment: 63.20%  retention rate of outstanding financial consultants
  • L3 Behavioral assessment:: The training completion rate was 97.94%
  • L2 Learning Assessment: Test pass rate was 100%
  • L1 Response 100% project completion rate.


Smooth rotation mechanism

SKFH encourages employees to accept new challenges bravely, and provides them with cross-subsidiary and cross-department rotation opportunities in SKFH and its subsidiaries, including SKL, SKB, MLS and SKIT. with cross-subsidiary and cross-department rotation opportunities. Employees in the group may apply for rotation based on their personal will and career planning to increase diverse development opportunities and improve their personal cross-sector strength. In 2022, the replacement rate of the internal talents of SKFH and its subsidiaries was 82%, which was an increase as comparing with the past three years. In the future, we aim to maintain over 50% of internal talent replacement rate.


Internal Replacement Rate of the Past Four Years

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2019 2020 2021 2022
Percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates 36% 52% 59% 82%


Internal Hiring Analysis in 2022

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Category Male Female Management level Nationality Workplace Total
< 30 30-50 > 50 Subtotal < 30 30-50 > 50 Subtotal Junior Mid- level Senior- level Taiwanese Foreign national Taiwan Overseas
Number of employees 13 90 35 138 30 174 37 241 71 29 9 379 0 377 2 379