Comprehensive Service Mechanisms

Comprehensive Service Mechanisms


Customer Service

SKFH continues to adopt the business philosophy of "customer-centric, light is everywhere" and optimizes the customer journey through emerging technologies such as intelligent AI customer service and RPA process automation, and continues to expand the application scenarios to integrate into customers' lives. In addition, we have established a comprehensive complaint mechanism, and with the value proposition of "close to life, for the customer", we respond to and resolve customer queries immediately.

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Comprehensive Statistics of SKFH Customer Satisfaction
Year 2019 2020 2021 2022 2022 Target
Customer Satisfaction 91.15% 90.76% 93.17% 94.80% 90%
Coverage 70.7% 100% 100% 100%
  • Note 1  The survey objects are the customers of SKL、SKB and MLS who call 0800 toll-free hotline.
  • Note 2  Percentage of satisfied customers = Number of customers who answered "very satisfied" and "satisfied" / number of customers who responded to surveys.




SKL won the CSEA Customer Service Excellence Awards for "Best Community Management Enterprise", "Best Service Innovation Enterprise" and "Best Intelligent System Application Enterprise", as well as the GCCA Greater China Customer Center Alliance Award.


SKL has established "0800 customer service hotline" and "Xiaoxin Intelligent Customer Service 2.0" to understand and quickly respond to customer’s demands. In 2022, Customer Service Department served nearly 500 thousand calls, focusing on the inquiries of the administrative services of policy ; In addition, in order to improve customer satisfaction, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was also introduced to convert customer feedback into important decision-making reference for future improvement actions. In 2022, the NPS of SKL 0800 customer service center was 81.6 %, and the NPS of over-the-counter service in the administrative center was 87.2%.



SKB Top 10 Best Service Experts for 2022


SKB has been providing innovative services to its customers, such as: 24-hour online financial services for OU digital accounts, online financial transactions and services, as well as occasional promotions, friendly environment, mobile internet banking with responsive website, multi-browser support, graphical financial analysis and intuitive transaction interface. In 2022, SKB customer satisfaction rate will be 60.4% for OU digital account NPS and 63.4% for mobile internet banking NPS.
To improve customer service experience, Shin Kong Bank organized the "Thoughtful Service" courses and "Service Expert" selection campaign with the aim of improving the professional skills and service quality of front-line service personnel and providing better and more thoughtful services to each customer.




MLS Wins "Best Smart Money Award" and "Best Community Service Award" in 2022 Securities Excellence Awards


In order to facilitate customer experience and save time, MLS continues to optimize the operation process and add a number of services (e.g., SMS patch function to remind customers) to improve the efficiency of account opening and ease of use of orders. 76.4% NPS for intelligent customer service and 74.6% NPS for online account opening in 2022.




In order to uphold the belief of providing customers with the best service, we continue to conduct satisfaction surveys for customers in the counter as an important basis for future product and service improvement; Under perfect management, customers are satisfied with the business hall environment, service staff etiquette and professional satisfaction. In 2022, Shin Kong Investment Trust did not have any financial consumer dispute cases.



Customer complaint and Communication

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Complaint Pipeline Processing Method
SKL SKL attaches great importance to customer rights and provides multiple service channels, such as a customer service hotline 0800-031115, intelligent customer service, and a message board for policyholders' voices ( )... etc. for customers' consultation If a complaint is received from a policyholder, it will be handled immediately by a dedicated department and a call will be made to the policyholder to confirm the case, and the case will be identified and closed within 30 days from the date of acceptance.
SKB SKB attaches importance to customer complaints and provides multiple channels for complaints, including customer service telephone number 0800-081108, branch units and competent authorities. After receiving a complaint, the Bank immediately processes or investigates the case and calls the customer within one business day. It also actively responds to improvement requirements and closes cases within a specified period. The Bank later reviews complaints and analyzes statistics on complaints and regularly reports to the senior management. 2022 All cases received have been handled properly to the satisfaction of our customers;In the future, we will continue to strengthen our operations and service measures in order to provide better services to our customers.
MLS MLS has developed comprehensive complaint mechanisms to quickly obtain customer recommendations and feedback and respond to customer recommendations. Customers can contact the Customer Service Center through two channels including the free customer service hotline 0800-088-148 and the customer service mailbox to respond to related recommendations and issues. In addition, customers can also communicate opinions and complaints through branches and the head office. When a front-line colleague receives a customer complaint, he/she must first calm the customer, quickly obtain information of the customer complaint and then actively providing assistance to resolve the issue. If the customer is satisfied with the results of the procedures, the case may be closed. If the front-line colleague cannot resolve the customer complaint, he/she shall fill out the "Customer Complaint Notice" and report to the supervisors of related units to control customer complaint progress and resolve customer issues. In addition, confidentiality measures are implemented on customer data to protect the rights and interests of customers.
SKIT SKIT values customer suggestions and offers a toll-free customer service hotline at 0800-075-858 for customers to make relevant suggestions and report problems. We prioritize the resolution of customer complaints. It collects the customer complaint process, processing procedures, post-event follow-up and prevention plans, etc. to analyze the overall status of the facts and provide detailed records for use as future education and training materials. SKIT continuously improves customer satisfaction through the three major methods including monthly experience sharing of customer service staff, meticulous improvement of operation processes, and education and training with customer complaint cases.