Community Engagement

Community Engagement


Connection between the public welfare strategies and business operations and their performance

SKFH has taken roots in the local community for nearly 60 years, sponsoring and co-organizing local cultural events to help preserve the culture. We also hold sports events to provide opportunities for talents everywhere to showcase their skills. Also, we bring resources to remote areas, reduce urban-rural gaps, and offer international perspectives, all for the purpose of creating a sustainable and better life for all.SKFH invested approximately NT$14.5 million in 2022 which benefited approximately 2,078,381 participants.


14.5 Million

Total Input





The Shin Kong E-Sports Camp for Parents and Children

This year's theme is "Silver Soul Warriors," symbolizing the spirit of esports transcends age. With the right gaming habits and a positive gaming culture, everyone can enjoy gaming for a lifetime. This year, we used the brand new "Pokémon Gathering" gaming platform and invited 6 celebrity players, including well-known esports athletes, to provide simple tutorials and competitions to a total of 120 participants, including parents and children who had never played before. With 200 people attending the physical event, the live stream had 43,800 views. This allowed everyone to experience the virtual reality and become a Pokémon trainer.


Shin Kong Cup Street Dance Contest

To promote street dance culture, the Company has been organizing the popular Shin Kong Cup Street Dance Contest for the past 19 years, offering a platform for young people to showcase their skills and challenge themselves in summer breaks. By creating a better environment for street dance, we aim to cultivate a new generation of talented dancers and foster a robust street dance community in Taiwan. Furthermore, the Company has launched the first NTF in the Taiwan street dance scene and will invest the proceeds in social causes, providing more teaching resources to underprivileged children in remote areas. This will give them the opportunity to learn professional street dance and performance skills to pursue their dreams. This effort has also contributed to the thriving street dance culture in Taiwan. The competition attracted 1,340 participants, and benefited 200 young people in remote areas.



Protecting the Earth's Resources


Coral Conservation for a Sustainable Ocean

Together with the Taiwan Environmental Information Association, we co-hosted "Coral Conservation for a Sustainable Ocean" in support of global Coral Reef Check programs. We helped train nine international EcoDivers to conduct coral reef checks at Fanzai Ao and Longdong, recording changes in the underwater ecological environment. We observed coral bleaching and sporadic coral deaths and provided data for the world to use. EcoDivers can sustainably contribute to coral conservation and organized four in-depth underwater clean-ups. We partnered up with the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology on the Coral Watch program, which aims to monitor coral health with the help of the public. We produced 400 copies of the "International Coral Health Chart" and conducted marine education teacher training in coastal communities and primary schools such as Yehliu, training 47 coral inspectors who learned about the impact of marine waste on the environment and became more conscious of their own behavior changes, including reducing plastic use and promoting reuse and recycling from the source.


Zero Emissions & Plastic
Protect the Earth

We joined forces with the Taiwan Environmental Information Association with employees on a "Habitat Maintenance" mission in the Alibang, New Taipei City, to protect the habitat of the Taipei frogs. This provided an opportunity for everyone to get closer to nature, develop healthy habits. Starting from caring for the environment around them, they were able to tap into their own skills and continue to practice environmental protection in their daily lives. In addition, the employees of all 104 branches of Shin Kong Bank initiated the "Clean the Streets to Protect Our Home" campaign, engaging in different activities such as cleaning rivers, streets, stalls, and recycling resources. During the campaign, it was discovered that disposable food and beverage waste accounted for the most waste, so the staff is now encouraged to use eco-friendly utensils in their daily lives to protect the environment.

Note: The Taipei frog is an indigenous species of Taiwan listed as a class II rare and valuable species.


Community Mutual Goodness


Shin Kong Acre Smallholder Farmer's Market

The conception behind the smallholder farmer's market was the production and sales imbalance of bananas. Farmers lacked knowledge in marketing and supply chain management, leading to fallow fields and farmers quitting agriculture. Consequently, older farmers gave up farming while younger generations were reluctant to return to rural areas, leading to aging rural areas. Therefore, we hope to leverage our corporate power to act as a friendly bridge between production and consumption, and to expand the "Shin Kong Acre Farm Happy Table" project. We have invited 67 local smallholders to sign a "Mutual Goodness Pledge" with the Council of Agriculture and the Agricultural Development Bureau witnessing this initiative. We expanded the beneficiaries to include employees, their families, and insurance customers. providing them. By engaging in actual farming activities, we aim to realize a mutually beneficial relationship between the food and farmers through agricultural education experiences. To raise awareness of food safety and promote healthy eating habits, the Company has integrated its core business with the concept of "safety at the table and security on the tongue." To reduce insurance claims, encourage public concern about food issues, and enhance food safety, we donate NT$100 to the Taiwan Food Banks Association for every "Safe Eating" policy sold. We also call on Shin Kong's smallholders to demonstrate their environmental awareness by contributing to the Food Banks' food recycling program and practicing corporate social responsibility.


Representatives of Smallholders Shared Their Experiences

Many smallholders focus only on their crops and are inept at marketing agricultural products. Through the Shin Kong Acre Farm Happy Table" smallholder farmer's market held at the Taipei Station Plaza, farmers have the opportunity to showcase and sell their products and accrue sales experience. Our products are of high quality. What is important is to have the courage to communicate our philosophy to customers, to train ourselves to be bold, and to warmly welcome customers. The farmer's market provides a face-to-face opportunity with customers and an offline platform that allows for direct communication and sharing of ideas and growing processes, compared to online sales that are separated by a screen. This is not only beneficial for increasing sales but also for better understanding customer needs as well as gaining support and a sense of achievement. After taking part in the farmers' market, I also served as a speaker at the College Financial Growth Camp hosted by Shin Kong Life. At the camp, I promoted agricultural education to university students majoring in finance and business management, who had limited knowledge about agriculture. The event deepened the students' understanding of and sparked their interests in agriculture. By sharing my passion for agriculture, I found the event meaningful.


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Corporate Volunteers

We work with more than 30 social welfare institutions in Taiwan to provide volunteer services, resolve social welfare institutions' manpower requirements, and organize volunteer training programs to participating volunteers gain a sense of accomplishment for providing charity services. In response to the outbreak of covid-19, we join hands with the government to fight the pandemic by assisting in the packaging and distribution of medical masks, easing the demand for masks for licensed doctors in Taipei City, and become a strong back up support for the medical staff.

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