Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion


Financial Inclusion

SKFH is committed to promoting financial inclusion and is actively responding to the financial inclusion initiatives of the World Bank, the G20, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), In addition to responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, SKFH provides more diversified and innovative products and services to micro-enterprises, economically disadvantaged groups, women, senior citizens, remote and under-resourced groups, etc. SKFH develops and provides corresponding financial instruments to meet the different financial needs of customers, and establishes a consumer dispute handling system and education training to ensure effective protection of customers' rights and interests.


Through financial and non-financial means, SKFH and its subsidiaries will combine the resources and technologies of the financial inclusion ecosystem and cooperate with external organizations to promote the development of financial inclusion, improve customers' financial knowledge and skills, and enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

In 2022, the total number of inclusive financial products was about 0.24 million, and brought NT$181.7 billion of revenue to enterprises.






Business Benefits


 Financial Inclusion Products Performance

Beneficiary groups Performance
Share Type Unite 2020 2021 2022
Middle- or low-income households and disadvantaged social groups Micro insurance Premium income 6.85 million 7.49 million 9.26 million
Pieces of policies 34,354 38,939 46,863
Housing Subsidies Project Pieces of loans 81 77 138
Project amount 158 million 155.31 million 288.24 million
<"Light of Hope" Family Support>
Credit Loan
Loan amount - 15.87 million 21.42 million
Pieces of loans - 41 57
Seniors and people with disabilities Long-term care products Premium income 0.73 billion 0.28 billion 0.25 billion
Pieces of policies 35,894 9,347 9,834
Retirment planning products premium income 22.83 billion 3.11 billion 6.06 billion
Pieces of policies 46,568 5,727 6,804 million
Small Amount Whole Life Insurance Premium income 65.21 million 93.77 million 0.14 billion
Pieces of policies 2,932 3,558 5,010
Groups in the remote areas and victims of natural disasters Online insurance Pieces of policies 104 million 29 million 12.63 million
Pieces of policies 12,551 9,613 21,393
" Light Speed Insurance " remote insurance application Premium income - 1.93 million 0.48 million
Pieces of policies - 3,793 146
Support Youth Group YOUTH Easy Loan Loan amount 5.03 billion 5.10 billion 3.86 billion
Pieces of loan 820 802 547
Small-scale equity wealth management platform Number of periodic investment plan of odd shares 129,696 110,260 92,492
Transaction amount 1.58 billion 1.78 billion 1.52 billion
Spillover-effect products Premium income 80.39 million 1.33 billion 1.37 billion
Pieces of policies 4,910 25,363 52,622
SMEs, Startups and Community Development SME loans Loan Balance 142.8 billion 157.25 billion 163.96 billion
Pieces of loan 3,929 4,021 3,875
Microenterprise Loans Loan Balance - 127 million 137.86million
Pieces of loan - 190 272
Loans for reconstruction of urban unsafe and old buildings Loan Balance 1.36 billion 2.05 billion 4.08 billion
Pieces of loan 8 20 30
Inclusive Financial Products Total number of pieces
272,000 212,000 240,000
Total Business Benefits 174.74 billion 171.34 billion 181.70 billion

Note: Light of Hope Family Assistance Loans, Remote Insurance Applications, and Microenterprise Loans were newly launched in 2021, thus there were no performance results in 2020.


Financial inclusion Products and Services


Middle- or low-income households and disadvantaged social groups

Project Content
Micro Insurance Working with social welfare departments, farmers' associations, and charitable organizations across Taiwan, we assist economically disadvantaged individuals in getting essential insurance coverage. This helps prevent financial hardships for families in the event of accidents involving the insured parties, bridging the gap left by insufficient government social insurance or welfare systems. Approximately 50 organizations have benefited from this initiative, reaching over 107,000 individuals as of 2022. In 2022, the premium for micro-insurance reached NT$9,258,388, achieving a premium attainment rate of 101.4%.
Light of Hope With the social changes, widening wealth gaps, and unequal wealth distribution, the Shin Kong Bank provides financial assistance programs to support vulnerable single-parent families and individuals from low- to moderate-income households with vocational licenses. These programs aim to provide effective and tangible help to those in need. In 2022, a total of 57 loans were disbursed, amounting to NT$21.42 million, benefitting 98 families since the program launched.
Credit card donations for Disadvantaged groups Shin Kong Bank launched the "Son of Taiwan Charity Card" and encourages card owners to donate points or money to support disadvantaged groups. 0.275% of every transaction is donated to the dedicated fund of "Humanistic Education Foundation" to help disadvantaged families and support the education of children and youths that are not supported by the government's welfare programs. As of December 2022, a total of NT$31.86 million has been donated since program launch.


Remote and disaster-affected communities

Project Content
Online Insurance Customers can apply for insurance online 24/7, with product offerings including travel insurance, variable annuities, term life insurance, accident insurance, and health insurance, providing a diverse and comprehensive range of options. The online insurance application process is fast and simple, allowing policyholders to obtain insurance coverage anytime, anywhere, without being limited by time or space. In 2022, a total of 21,393 new contracts were processed, with a premium amount of nearly NT$12.63 million.
"Light Speed Insurance" remote insurance application The COVID-19 pandemic has seen growing demands for "contactless" services. Shin Kong Life offers the "Light Speed Insurance" remote insurance service, eliminating the need for customers to download video conferencing software. By verifying their identity through SMS-based authentication (MID), customers can activate video recording after consenting to electronically sign the documents, singing individual consent forms and policy documents electronically. The video recording files and electronic policy applications are automatically encrypted and transmitted to the Company's server. Customers no longer need to mail in the original insurance documents, as the entire process is "contactless, paperless, and real-time." This ensures fast and convenient insurance application with no physical contact. In 2022, there were 146 new contracts with a total premium amount of nearly NT$480,000.
COVID-19 Relief Services During COVID outbreaks, Shin Kong Life introduced the "Shin Kong ActiveCare - One-year Hospitalization Insurance" ("ActiveCare"). This product combines the feature of doubled coverage for hospitalization due to statutory infectious diseases, creating a safety net to encourage policyholders to plan ahead and be prepared without worries. Total claim payout for "ActiveCare" pandemic prevention policy: NT$53.518 million.

Pandemic Assistance: As a token of gratitude and support for the healthcare professionals at the forefront of the pandemic, in addition to lenient claims approval, an assistance of NT$30,000 is granted to policyholders who are healthcare professionals and have been confirmed with COVID-19 due to their work. The total amount of care assistance granted in 2022 reached an impressive NT$21.81million.

Elderly People and People with Disabilities

Project Content
Small Amount Whole Life Insurance In light of Taiwan's aging society and the trends of population aging and declining birth rates, we have introduced products aimed at providing basic insurance coverage for the elderly. Our offerings include the "Shin Kong Life Song-Ai-Sin Whole Life Insurance" and "New Life My Only Small Amount Whole Life Insurance," which provide lifelong coverage with low premiums and extended coverage age limits. In 2022, there were a total of 5,010 policies for the Small-Amount Whole Life Insurance, with premium amounts reaching NT$140 million. As of the end of 2022, we have processed over 25,000 new contracts, amounting to nearly NT$550 million in premiums.
Retirement planning products As Taiwan's population structure gradually enters the super-aging society with increasing average life expectancy,according to the trend that the average life expectancy of the nation is increasing year by year, everyone may face the risk of inadequate pension preparation. This has led to an increased demand for retirement financial planning. offering retirement planning options for individuals and creating adequate cash flow allocation. In 2022, there were a total of 6,804 new contracts for retirement plannin products, with a premium amount of nearly NT$6.06 billion.
Financial Friendly Services Elderly Financial Advisory Services In response to the opportunities and challenges brought about by the trend of aging, Shin Kong Bank plans to provide professional competency certification for "Elderly Financial Planning Consultants", and trains specialists to understand the basic knowledge of the mental state, behavior and medical care needs of the elderly, as well as medical care trust and related trust products, etc. in order to help seniors set their property and wellness plans accordingly. In 2022, a total of 32 executives and employees were certified as Elderly Financial Planning Advisors.
Age-Friendly Services SKFH subsidiaries provide "Age Friendly" and "Environment Friendly" services to enhance the quality of services for senior citizens over 65 years old and physically and mentally challenged customers. The Age Friendly service provides reading glasses and magnifying glasses at each service location to meet customers' needs for magnified font reading, allowing customers to read documents in a more comfortable and convenient manner. During customer service calls, customer service specialists will pay attention to language speed to improve service quality; environment-friendly services set up barrier-free facilities, sign language video interpretation platform and hearing-impaired customer counter services to enhance the diversity and convenience of services for physically and mentally disabled customers, as well as provide intimate taxi hailing services to meet the mobile transportation needs of silver-haired and physically disabled customers.


Support Youth Group

Project Content
Youth Easy Loan To effectively support the housing and family-raising needs of young people as they start families and establish their careers, we offer the "Youth Easy Loan" program for first-time homebuyers under 40. In addition to lower interest rates, the program also provides a diverse range of repayment options and the loan can be extended to up to 40 years. In 2022, a total of 547 loans with the amount of approximately NT$3.86 billion were disbursed.
Small-Scale Equity Wealth Management Platform In recent years, with policies allowing intraday odd-lot trading and the rise of digital wealth management platforms, young investors have become a key driving force for growth in the stock market. Considering this trend, MLS has designed financial plans targeting the lower-income group or specific customer segments. By reducing the investment threshold and allowing small investments, we aim to enable more individuals from the lower-income or specific segments to make investment with small amounts of capital. Our goal is to facilitate early wealth management and sound investment principles, promoting disciplined and prudent financial planning. The transaction volume on the small-scale equity wealth management platform reached NT$1.52 billion in 2022.


Microbusinesses and Community Development

Project Content
SME Loans According to the "2022 SME White Paper," there are over 1.59 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs), accounting for 98% of all businesses. These SMEs contribute to 80.37% of the total employment in Taiwan, highlighting their crucial role in driving economic and social development as well as being a significant pillar of job creation. To support the growth of SMEs and foundational economic development, we provide resources such as startup loans and local business loans to facilitate the establishment and operation of new and local enterprises. In 2022, a total of 3,875 loans were disbursed to small and startup SMEs, with a loan balance of NT$163.96 billion.
Microenterprise Loans We offer microenterprise loans up to a maximum of NT$6 million, with a maximum operating capital loan term of five years. Accumulated to 2022, there were 272 financing cases with a loan balance of NT$140 million.
 Loans for Reconstruction of Urban unsafe and Old Buildings Taiwan is located in a seismically active region. According to the statistics reported by the Ministry of the Interior, buildings in Taiwan that are over 40 years old account for 28.89% of the total. In order to rejuvenate urban and rural areas, enhance residential safety, and revitalize community spaces, Shin Kong Bank has been assisting with urban hazardous and old building reconstruction loans to expedite the reconstruction. In 2022, a total of 30 projects were approved, with a loan balance of NT$4.08 billion.



Financial Inclusion Non-Financial Support

Project Content
LIFE Lab. Insurance Shop The insurance consulting service of "LIFE Lab. Insurance Shop" is specially planned for young people, providing inspiring and interactive service experience and changing the brand image of the traditional insurance industry. Every quarter, we live stream with renowned speakers from different fields talk about on different strategic themes, addressing current events, ESG, finance inclusive, and other relevant topics. Our aim is to reach diverse groups and rural populations, promoting accurate knowledge of financial insurance, health and wellness, and career stories. These talks provide the public with free access to professional expertise. Additionally, we have launched the "Policy Appraiser" utilizing Shin Kong Life's latest "Intelligent Policy Check-up System." This technology incorporates optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to replace manual data entry and filing. Six unique monster characters, each representing a different risk, help users to capture images of any insurance policy documents. Through AI-powered analysis, a comprehensive protection radar chart is generated, revealing one's insurance coverage at a glance. This enables users to quickly identify coverage gaps and potential insurance needs. We also integrate the online consultation service, LIFE Lab, to provide seamless online and offline insurance services, ensuring 24/7 support. In 2022, LIFE Lab. Insurance Shop organized 69 live streams, with a total of 575,000 views.
High School Financial Literacy Course We worked with non-profit organizations, government agencies, and schools in promoting financial education at various levels of high schools. The program focuses on enhancing financial literacy among teenagers by inviting financial experts and industry professionals to provide insights into various aspects of finance, including financial management, entrepreneurship, investment, and financial technology. Through this initiative, students gain a better understanding of financial concepts and develop the necessary skills for their future academic and career planning. As part of the initiative, Shin Kong Life has allocated resources to engage with Gen Z and enhance their financial literacy. This will help promote correct financial management principles and prevent potential financial disputes. In 2022, 337 hours of 161 financial literacy courses were conducted in Taichung City, benefiting 3,032 individuals, resulting in an 5.5% improvement in financial education literacy among high school students in Taichung City.
Shin Kong Rural Financial Education Program Through courses designed by professionally trained individuals with disabilities, the program aims to provide children with an immersive learning experience that reflects their daily lives. Real-life examples and scenarios are used to help students practice critical thinking and distinguish between "needs" and "wants", allowing them to integrate financial literacy into their lives. The vitality of disabled instructors gives children the positivity to learn to face life's challenges. A total of 6 disabled teachers have been cultivated by the program.
New Study Buddy A pen pal project with the concept of companionship from life mentors, we match young pen pals from disadvantaged families with mentors from all walks of life. From the correspondence of 200 pen pals and 155 mentors, we found that children in rural areas lag behind children in urban areas not only weak in writing, but also disadvantage in reading.At the same time, due to the impact of family conditions, children in rural areas have relatively weak financial management concepts. Therefore, the foundation selected and gave the book "Start to learning Financial Management at the Age of 10" to young pen pals. They could read during the winter vacation and help them to learn basic financial knowledge such as savings, income and expenses, total of 355 people benefited.
OU Account 
Incentives to establish saving accounts
SKB offer online account opening services, so that young people and people in remote areas can quickly and conveniently set up savings accounts, without the need to go to the bank. We also provide preferential projects to promote the willingness to open accounts and enhance digital financial services and savings habits, as follows:

1. 2.275% interest rate for OU account.
2. 4-step laddered living savings projects, no large amount of money is required, TWD 100,000 is enough to join, providing convenient and easy access to obtain deposit discounts.
3. preferential inter-bank transfers/withdrawals:
(1). With a physical debit card: 5 times cross-drawing/ 5 times cross-transfer (Free of charge).
(2). Without physical financial card: 15 times interbank transfer (Free of charge).
  • A total of 73,811 people open accounts.

For more information about our OU Account, please check:


Leading brand in senior citizen finance

Focusing on Taiwan's aging society, SKFH provides retirement annuities, long term care insurance, and pension trust services to meet customers' needs for retirement, senior living, and medical care, and implements the concept of "Shin Kong provides services wherever elderly people need them".With the goal of becoming a leading brand in senior citizen finance and bringing finance closer to customers, we are promoting the following specific action plans:


conceptual advocacy

Through seminars, the establishment of a long-term care information website, the promotion of the Aging in Place program, and a series of activities for the benefit of senior citizens, we are raising awareness of the need for long-term care

Protection Planning

For the three major risks of "paralysis", "illness" and "disability", we design complete products for our customers to help them plan complete protection as early as possible。

Financial Management

Provide the most suitable asset allocation to meet the capital needs of our elderly clients。

Residential Care

In response to the issue of all-age health, we are launching the all-age healthy and joyful long-term rental residence "JasperVilla Banqiao". Each room is equipped with intelligent voice control and cell phone APP room control system, combined with the care mechanism of Shin Kong Security and Shin Kong Hospital, to provide a healthy, comfortable and safe living space for residents.。

Experiential Finance

The Shin Kong Station Future of Living has set up an "LIFE Lab." and a "SKB digital branch", and is the first in the country to introduce a 4.5 ping all-age care room, adding a care bed to the all-age care room to meet the needs of the senior society, advocating a barrier-free space, and various designs to allow wheelchair users and senior citizens to operate independently, encouraging senior citizens to go outside and pursue a happy life through digital technology and experiential finance.