Health and Safety Workplace

Health and Safety Workplace


Healthy, Safe, and Hygienic Workplace

SKFH cares about the health and well-being of employees, provides a comprehensive benefit system, and builds child-friendly facilities to support employees to take care of their families and career. In addition, we also attach importance to the safety and health in workplace, and improve the health and vitality of employees through institutionalized management and health risk assessment and tracking. Although employees of SKFH and its subsidiaries are engaged in administrative and commercial services without high risks, in order to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, we have established an Occupational Health and Safety Policy in accordance with domestic and international regulations and standards on occupational safety and health, which has been approved by the Board of Directors and implemented.
In addition, in order to remove risks from the workplace environment, we regularly review and communicate with labor representatives, employees and related workers on occupational safety and health issues, unsafe behaviors and health risks, as well as set action plans and priorities through risk identification and management, set quantitative targets, and continuously improve the performance of occupational safety and health management. Through occupational safety and health education and promotion, we hope to raise workers' awareness and knowledge of occupational safety and health. We promote the implementation of employee care programs in safety, health and wellness so that all employees can have a safe and comfortable workplace.


Occupational Health and Safety Committee

The major subsidiaries of SKFH have established the “Occupational Health and Safety Committee” in accordance with regulations. The President or the Vice President serves as the chair and the rest of the committee members are composed of employees from the Occupational Health and Safety Department, medical staff, heads of various departments and more than 1/3 of labor representatives. There is an "Occupational safety and health management entities" under the Committee, which is responsible for formulating, planning, supervising and promoting occupational health and safety related business.
The committee meets quarterly to discuss safety and health issues, such as reviewing workplace health and safety policies, safety and health work codes, annual work strategy plans and various safety and health recommendations, and reports to the board of directors after tracking the effectiveness of various resolutions to ensure that the implementation of various health and safety efforts meets employee needs and corporate expectations. In 2022, as many as 128 work items were discussed in major subsidiaries, 6 recommendations were made, and 16 professional items were handled.


Health Risk Management


SKFH adheres to the concept of "Healthy Workplace" and we follow the "Safety and Health Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Procedures". To assess the work environment or operations of employees, the causes of internal and external accidents, the severity of accidents, and potential risks. Through the risk assessment process, we identify and analyze the risk factors in terms of the degree of impact and frequency of occurrence of common occupational accidents, the top ten annual health check abnormalities, or abnormal workloads of employees (shift work, night work, long working hours, etc.), and identify the main health and safety risks as modern civilized diseases and traffic accidents. The company has also formulated risk mitigation action plans, such as: annual health posture activities, health education services, functional evaluation of contracted specialists, four major programs for labor health protection (the "Workplace Maternal Health Protection Program," "Human Factors," "Abnormal Workload," and the "Workplace Violence Prevention Plan"), and enhanced promotion of the concept of road driving among employees.

In addition, to ensure the effective implementation of mitigation measures, we incorporate the effectiveness of the implementation of occupational health and safety management programs into the KPI items of the president, senior management and occupational health and safety department (e.g., employee health examination rate, environmental assessment and hazard identification, frequency and severity of disabling injuries, etc.) as an important element of salary performance-linked assessment. At the same time, we adopt the concept of "all-around protection" and carry out risk control measures in the P-D-C-A management cycle, and after prioritizing the results of risk analysis and integrating action plans with quantifiable targets to address these risks, we report them at the board of directors' meetings on a quarterly basis and deliberation or external audits are carried out in the management review meeting every year. In 2022, there are no major defects in the internal audit results of SKFH and its subsidiaries; in January 2022, SKL passed the re-  evaluation and renewal of the occupational health and safety management system (ISO 45001:2018), and there were no defects in the external audit results.

In order to improve safety and health management in the workplace, when an injury or accident occurs, supervisors at all levels at SKFH's major subsidiaries should follow the "Safety and Health Work Rules" and report the accident to the responsible unit after learning of it. The responsible unit should include OHS education and training materials, as appropriate, after investigation, analysis and follow-up to prevent similar incidents from happening again.


Health Risk Management



Absenteeism Statistics


2019 2020 2021 2022
Absentee Rate 0.60% 0.48% 0.33% 0.61%
  • Note:Due to the different nature of sales business, sales personnel is excluded in the above table.


Complete Benefits System

Steady workplace
  • Insurance benefits

We provide employees with Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance and provide accident insurance, travel insurance and other protections paid by the company for the personnel with special roles and overseas personnel. We also provide employees and dependents with preferential rates for different types of group insurance (life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance). In addition, if an employee has children insured for medical treatment, regardless of the number of insured, only the fees for one child is charged.

  • Retirement benefits

According to the Labor Standards Act, we continue to allocate labor pension preparatory fund each month for workers who chose the old pension system and also those who chose the New Labor Pension System but retained the seniority under the old system. In addition, we provide workers who chose the new pension system with an allocation of 6% of their monthly wage in accordance with the Labor Pension Act. When employees attain criteria for retirement, they would receive the pension as prescribed by related laws, and retirement souvenirs from the Company. Our retirement conditions are superior to those specified in labor regulations to help employees make better choices for their careers in order to improve the company's operating performance and take care of employees' retirement life. The shareholding trust will subsidize a total of 139 million in 2022. In addition, to encourage employees to plan for early retirement, we proactively promote the "Pension 3C Retirement Knowledge Program" to educate the public, raise the employee retirement benefit rate, and provide relative subsidies to employees who are insured under the "LOHAS Winners Scheme”, in which a total of NT$2.8 million was subsidized in 2022.

Flexible working
  • Leave benefits

We provide employees with annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, official leave, occupational injury leave, sick leave, menstrual leave, paid personal leave, public welfare leave, annual festival leave, maternity leave, pregnancy checkup leave, paternity leave, family care leave, natural disaster leave, epidemic prevention leave, epidemic care leave and other types of leave. And among them, the standards for maternity leave, paternity leave, natural disaster leave, epidemic prevention leave, and annual leave are superior to the standards in labor regulations.

  • Promote work flexibility

We set up flexible working hours with three shifts to assist employees to balancing work and family life, which allow office staff to adjust office hours flexibly according to the needs of their family and lifestyle. Among which, in line with the sales characteristics of the special business departments (such as 0800 customer service, investment department), different shifts were set up to provide employees with more flexible choices.

  • Working from home

In response to the digital trend worldwide and to cater to the unique lifestyle needs of employees, the Company has created a set of guidelines for managing those who work from home, and provided software and hardware support to enable employees to work from home. This allows employees to make better use of the time saved on commuting, while balancing work and personal or family life. In 2022, a total of 638 people in the group applied for working from home.

Warming care
  • General benefits

SKFH provides subsidies for weddings and funerals, employee cafeteria, contracted laundry services, resort accommodation discounts, cooperative group purchases, resource sharing with affiliate companies, and special corporate discounts at  contracted stores, domestic hotels, language institutions, and daycare institutions. SKFH provides birthday gifts, Chinese New Year gifts, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. 

  • Marriage and childbirth benefit

SKFH cares about our employees and proactively protects employees' right to work opportunities. In addition to providing an unpaid parental leave for raising child(en) in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we also provide maternity leaves, paternity leaves, marriage subsidies, childbirth subsidies, and child raising subsidies . which are all more superior than statute. In addition, we support new mothers in the workplace with real actions. We set up breastfeeding rooms for employees to breastfeed during office hours. We also adjust work hours and provide childcare benefits for employees to take care of their children. In 2022, SKFH and its subsidiaries distributed about NT$4.66 million in maternity subsidies, benefiting a total of 282 people; at the same time, 534 people have applied for parenting subsidies totaling NT$5.32 million. 



Mother-Friendly Workplace

Supporting mechanisms
  • We offer 60 days of maternity leave (statutory maternity leave is 56 days), 8 days of paternity leave and (statutory paternity leave is 7 days), and fully-paid leaves after miscarriage , which are superior to statutory standards. And we also have established breastfeeding working hours, working hours reduction and adjustment system, and unpaid parental leave for raising child(en) system. The period for unpaid parental leave for raising child (en) is flexible, and employees have the right to reinstate their jobs ahead of schedule, so that employees can use their time more flexibly and raise babies without worry.
  • We care about female employee’s maternal demands, and work with professional doctors and health managers to jointly conduct health risk assessments for the female employees during the pregnancy period and after delivery, and encourage the applicable female employees during pregnancy period to accept "maternity protection" care actively. In 2022, SKFH jointly held 2 parent-child communication seminars and 1 postpartum care seminar.   
Benefit measures
  • We provide childbirth subsidies and parenting subsidies. Employees may apply for NT$20,000 of childbirth subsidies for giving birth to a baby by them or their spouses, and childbirth subsidies may be increased and offered, in proportion, for giving birth to twins or more children. The employees raising children of 1 to 3 years old may apply for a parental subsidies of NT$10,000 for each full birthday of their children, and the subsidies may be increased and offered, in proportion, to the employees raising twins or more children.
  • We provide Pregnancy Gifts, Mother Gifts, Parenting Gifts, and scholarship awards. 
  • We sign contracts with reputable childcare institutions to provide discounts for child care services to reduce employees' childcare  burden.
Friendly environment
  • In addition to providing employees with gifts for pregnancy, motherhood, and breastfeeding, as well as incentives for their children's academic achievements, we have also established breastfeeding rooms in all our business locations across Taiwan. These nursing rooms are managed and maintained by health management specialists and have been certified as "Excellent Breastfeeding Rooms". In 2022, the nursing rooms of SKFH were used a total of 3,363 times.


Prevention of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

SKFH has a zero-tolerance attitude towards workplace harassment and discrimination. In addition to stipulating in the employee code of conduct that any form of harassment (including sexual harassment) and discrimination shall be prohibited. The major subsidiaries have also formulated the regulations such as the "Prevention Plan for Workplace violence in the Performance of Duties" and the "Rules for Prevention, Complaint, and Punishment against Sexual Harassment”, to protect the rights and interests of employees. At the same time, we publicized the "Statement on the Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Violence in the Workplace" signed by the president to our employees in written and electronic announcements, and reiterated the importance of workplace equality and the elimination of discrimination, harassment and other workplace violence.

In order to reduce the possibility of risk occurrence, we regularly conduct self-inspection of workplace violence behaviors in the workplace to the management and also sexual harassment and workplace violence prevention training for all employees, to ensure that employees understand the types of workplace violence and corresponding countermeasures. All employees of SKFH and its subsidiaries have completed 100% of relevant education and training of human right in 2022. As specified in the Labor Standards Act, we never hire child labor, and there were no forced or compulsory labor incidents. In accordance with Article 98 of the Shin Kong Financial Holding Work Rules, employees would be notified of operational changes before such changes are implemented. 

The Company set up a sexual harassment complaint handling committee, a workplace violence handling team, provide special complaint channels (including complaint hotlines and complaint mailboxes) as well as comprehensive complaint handling procedure. The investigation procedure would immediately start once there is an actual complaint case. If it is proven true after investigation, the company will punish according to the personnel regulations and provide necessary assistance and remedial measures to the complainant, including system adjustments, psychological counseling and material compensation. If it is proved to be falsely accused, the company will also punish or deal with the complainant appropriately, so as to mitigate and eliminate the improper influence and protect the basic rights and interests of employees. In 2022, SKFH and its subsidiaries received one complaint case and one sexual harassment case. The relevant disciplinary offenders were punished in accordance with personnel regulations, and the complainant was provided with the necessary assistance and remedial measures including department shifting or referral of mental counseling.