Health Promotion

Health Promotion


Connection between the public welfare strategies and business operations and their performance

SKFH has long been committed to the publicity of the prevention of major diseases and long-term care risks. We hope to lead the public to understand major diseases through holding seminars such as cancer prevention seminars and dementia-friendly seminars, blood donation, nationwide hiking and advocates the concept of "prevention is better than cure" to remind people the importance of having good health, and then gradually achieve the SDGs goal of ensuring health and promoting the well-being of all age groups. In 2022, about NT$16.06 million was invested in related health promotion activities, and about 187,202 people benefited from it.


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Health for All



We partner with Digital Humanitarian Association to launch a remote healthcare program in rural areas that provides online health classes and professional medical consultations to elderly residents using digital tools, helping them prevent diseases and delay disability with tangible results. We expanded the program from four to six locations, further safeguarding the health and wellbeing of rural seniors. We also strengthened connections with local communities by adopting rural locations and organizing corporate volunteer services, integrating our core expertise in insurance in inclusive financial education and scam prevention. Our volunteers also engaged with seniors through paper crafting activities to train hand-eye coordination, activate the brain and organs, and delay aging, benefiting 4,158 individuals.


Nationwide Blood Donation Campaign

Every years during Lunar New Year, there is typically a severe seasonal shortage of blood in Taiwan. This year, due to a hike in COVID-19 cases, people are less willing to go out, resulting in a decrease in blood donations and lower blood bank reserves nationwide. Shin Kong Life conducted 29 blood drives across Taiwan, calling on people to roll up their sleeve, collecting 4,037 bags of blood from 2,888 participants to help alleviate the seasonal blood shortage and support healthcare preparedness.


Cancer Prevention and Treatment Promotion


Lecture on Women's Cancer

In light of the low breast cancer screening rate in Taiwan, we worked with the Taiwan Breast Cancer Alliance for 17 consecutive years on the "Care for Your Breasts, Spread the Seeds of Love" campaign to raise awareness among women to cherish their health. For the past 2 years, we have also set up a mobile mammography unit at the SKFH headquarters to help women understand the importance of breast cancer screening.

Pink October

For 14 consecutive years, during the international breast cancer awareness month, we have organized nearly 55 breast cancer awareness talks and distributed 22,000 breast cancer prevention pamphlets across all SKFH branches, reminding female customers to perform self-examinations and receive regular breast checkups.