Care for the Disadvantaged

Care for the Disadvantaged


Connection between the public welfare strategies and business operations and their performance

SKFH strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility through its core functions by launching inclusive financial products such as micro-insurance, small-amount whole life Insurance, micro-loans, and fractional stock investments. In addition, the Company develops diverse digital financial services to provide access to financial products and services to families with disabilities and people living in remote areas. In our efforts to protect underprivileged children, we have found that economic disadvantages of families can affect the physical and mental health development and academic performance of children. Therefore, we are committed to providing educational support and companionship to these children, and to turn donations into tangible help through a circular economy approach. We hope to achieve a balance between caring for the underprivileged and protecting the environment.


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Companionship and Care

New Study Buddy—A Pen Pal Project

Taiwan's underprivileged children often lack proper financial knowledge, leading to incorrect financial management skills that can affect their future. SKFH invited professionals from different fields to become life mentors for children in rural areas. To foster the children's imagination of the future, writing is the best way to express their thoughts. Through consultations and answers from big pen pals, young pen pals can enrich their life experiences. Additionally, these letter exchanges allow young pen pals to improve their writing and language skills and expression abilities. Need-based and merit-based scholarships were issues for qualified students to support their education and help them achieve their dreams.

Knowledge Flows Through Books, Love Flows Through Us

To tackle the issue of insufficient resources in rural areas, we launched a book donation campaign among SKFH employees, allowing second-hand books to have a new lease of life, reducing carbon emissions. Through Give Circle, we matched the donated books with those in need, spreading knowledge and positive energy, extending the joy of reading to more people, and unlocking the treasures within books.


Social Support


Micro Insurance

We have been continuously building a solid personal insurance coverage for vulnerable groups with premium sponsorship for rural populations, indigenous people, farmers, low-income families, underprivileged children, families in special circumstances, and those with physical or mental disabilities. This expands the social safety net, achieving corporate sustainability development and meeting our social responsibilities. We hope to sponsor micro insurance to help out economically disadvantaged families with a complete social assistance system, donating premiums of NT$8,408,271 that benefitted 42,723 people.


Shin Kong Rural Financial Education Program

Through courses designed by professionally trained individuals with disabilities, the program aims to provide children with an immersive learning experience that reflects their daily lives. Real-life examples and scenarios are used to help students practice critical thinking and distinguish between "needs" and "wants", allowing them to integrate financial literacy into their lives. The vitality of disabled instructors gives children the positivity to learn to face life's challenges. A total of 6 disabled teachers have been cultivated by the program.