Financial Education

Financial Education


Connection between the public welfare strategies and business operations and their performance

SKFH attaches great importance to youth development. In addition to organizing campus recruitment, scholarships, industry-academia cooperation, and wealth management contests each year to provide young students with academic resources, enhance their actual experience in the finance industry, and improve their professional competitiveness. In addition, financial professionals held financial management and public welfare lectures to help the public establish the correct financial management concepts. In 2022, a total of about NT$29.85 million was invested in financial education-related activities, with about 138,785 beneficiaries.


29.85 Million

Total Input




Children's Education


Shin Kong Campus Bank Project

To effectively enhance financial literacy among rural students, we created Campus Banks in three rural elementary schools, namely Laomei Elementary School and Wenlin Elementary School in New Taipei City, and Yisheng Elementary School in Taoyuan City. The curriculum designed by school teachers simulates a real financial system so that students get to experience of "earning money", "saving money" and "spending money" in everyday life. This program helps underprivileged children to have a better financial understanding with proper financial literacy, and use the knowledge they learned to improve their lives. The program has benefitted 1,915 students.


Campus Touring Financial Education Cinema

We worked with six elementary schools across northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan, engaging a total of 1,078 teachers and students with the screening of the "Wenlin Bank" documentary, from which students learned about their perception of money through group discussions. Topics such as "wants and needs" were discussed, encouraging students to reflect on their own spending habits. We also included lessons on virtual treasure internet scams and foreign currency lessons to expand students' financial knowledge.


Newspaper Reading

SKFH has partnered with the Mandarin Daily News to promote newspaper reading education in remote areas, enhancing reading and writing skills among rural students. By organizing a newspaper clipping and writing competition, we encourage students to actively read and search for information in newspapers, enhancing their knowledge absorption and expanding their horizons. This will strengthen their writing skills, as well as their love for reading and critical thinking. The newspaper reading program covers 20 elementary schools in Kaohsiung's Liugui, Taoyuan, Maolin, and Shanlin districts, Keelung City, and Nantou County, benefiting a total of 1,103 students.


Teenagers' Education


College Financial Growth Camp

Shin Kong Life has long been promoting financial and insurance education to enhance college students' soft skills for the workplace. To prepare for their future careers, the Company held the "2022 Shin Kong College Financial Growth Camp" at Jasper Taichung. Through a variety of courses in financial and insurance, career exploration, and interpersonal communication, the program aimed to instill the necessary transferable skills and professional traits required for workforce success. By doing so, Shin Kong Life not only enhances its brand image but also expands its ESG influence, fulfilling its responsibility to promote sustainable management and financial education.


Industry-Academia Collaboration

SKFH and its subsidiaries integrate their core expertise to actively cultivate excellent college talents, aligning them with the fintech industry. We provided financial education and scholarships, partnering with 123 Taiwanese colleges and universities on corporate internships and visits. Through project training and abundant internship activities that are close to industry practices, students explored career directions earlier and expanded perspectives.


ATCC National Intercollegiate Business Case Competition

Our recent focus on digital transformation and inclusive finance necessitates more talents from different fields. Therefore, we were committed to the "ATCC " to exchange perspectives and generate valuable proposals that break through industry frameworks. We strive to provide friendly service and treat clients equally. Furthermore, we aim to spark creativity and practical solutions through in-depth financial education and the knowledge sharing of expertise from professional managers.


Adult Education


MasterLink Flipped Classroom— Investment Seminar

In line with current investment topics, we invited influencers and financial experts for our investment seminars, introducing investment products, concepts, and trends, with the goal to deepen investors' understanding of financial products and asset allocation and reduce investment risks caused by lack of information. A total of 22 seminars were held, with 32,185 participants and 52,123 live views.


Women Win ! 

For International Women's Day on March 8, we launched the "Women Win! MasterLink understands you" events to communicate a female-friendly corporate spirit. We invited female managers and employees to share their workplace experiences and also held investment consultation events for women, with MasterLink volunteers answering investment questions for female customers, benefiting a total of 1,217 people.

Shin Kong Beautiful Life

20 keynote talks were held in three major themes: finance, recreation, and health, with renowned figures and experts from all industries. Through these talks, they shared knowledge and life experiences that brought perspectives, energy, and positivity to a total of 3,612 attendees.