Care for the Elderly

Care for the Elderly


Connection between the public welfare strategies and business operations and their performance

SKFH pays close attention to the aging society and low birthrate in Taiwan as well as the demand for healthcare brought forth by such trends. SKFH also fulfills the mission of "Shin Kong provides services wherever elderly people need them" and aims to become the leading brand for senior citizen finance. We aim to use our business locations across Taiwan and our advantages in local markets to organize Legacy Art Work events everywhere and close the distance between finance and customers. We also built a long-term care information network and organized health seminars to encourage people to implement health management and avoid long-term care risks. We invested approximately NT$8.9 million in related activities in 2022 which benefited approximately 40,066 participants.



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Art and Culture In the Golden Years


Love Glitters in Colors — Memory Art Creations Workshop

Collaborating with senior care organizations and rural community stations, we provide services for dementia patients and their families, enabling caregivers to learn positive interactions such as listening and companionship to rebuild caregiving relationships. For two consecutive years, we have expanded our impact to young students by partnering with university social responsibility organizations. Through volunteer training and dementia education, we recruited college students as volunteers who developed the correct knowledge and necessary skills by actually serving dementia patients and their families.


History Alive and Legacy Art Work

    Shin Kong Life Foundation has hosted “History Alive” art therapy program with Godot Theatre for 17 years. In 2022, "History Alive" came to the Xinying Art Festival in Tainan, where the short play "Uncle's Glass Beads" was performed, with middle-aged and elderly performers taking the lead on stage to engage in conversations with the audience and deeply discuss aging issues. This provided the opportunity for the elderly to share their unique life stories through performing arts, using the uniqueness of local culture and historical relationships to uncover age-friendly stories that are closer to life and the place. Most importantly, it allowed the value of the elderly's own life stories to be recorded and represented on stage. "History Alive and Legacy Art Work" is a program that uses group or one-on-one sessions and art creation to help older adults recall their life experiences, transforming their memories into touching and story-filled artworks.









Dementia-Friendly Bank

SKFH has long been committed to issues of aging and dementia, supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We hope to use our core competencies to promote the well-being of people of all ages. In 2018, Taiwan officially entered an aging society. With the increasing number of elderly people falling victim to fraud, especially those with dementia being targeted by fraudsters, Shin Kong Bank, with its deep local roots, is committed to becoming a leading "dementia-friendly bank" in Taiwan by raising awareness among its service personnel and protecting its clients from falling prey to scams.


VR Experience for Dementia Patients

We partnered with the LaPangu Care to use VR technology and provide first-person perspective experiences dementia through hallucinations and spatial disorientation. Lecturers lead discussions and exercises to deepen awareness and empathy for those with dementia. We also hosted an online talk titled "Financial and Legal Planning for Dementia," covering topics such as prevention, treatment, financial management, and legal considerations for families affected by dementia. Our aim is to enhance financial and legal literacy, and to provide better support for those impacted by dementia.


Employee Education on Dementia

"Unlocking Memories" is an online escape room that allows employees to experience the inner world of dementia patients through puzzle-solving and guidance from lecturers. As they progress through each level, employees develop empathy and are better equipped to handle situations they may encounter in their line of work. We also partnered with the Tainan City Health Bureau to hold the "Financial Friendly Guardian Angel Talk", where medical professionals provided online courses to educate employees on dementia and proper communication skills.